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The Q- ENERGY Solar Energy System Vendors


The Highest Specific Yield of any System

When it comes to getting the most energy from each installed watt, the REFLECT System can’t be beat. Taking advantage of Ten K Module’s cell-independence, static reflectors are installed on the backside of each wave of the array, increasing the light received and overall production. 


REFLECT ideal choice for projects of a capped DC size, or projects focused on peak energy production. Ten K Modules in the REFLECT System are installed at a 26 tilt, making them more productive than lower tilts when north of the equator.

  Case Study: REFLECT Maximizes Roof Space

Ten K produces the most advanced photovoltaic modules in the world. Based on its proprietary technology, Ten K offers high efficiency and highly reliable photovoltaic solutions for commercial rooftop, carports and ground mount applications. With over 500 installations in the US and 18 other countries, Ten K is one of the fastest growing solar providers in the world.

The Highest Energy Output per Roof

The Ten K DUO is the best performing integrated component solar PV system on the market. Our pre-engineered systems approach gives us control over every aspect of system performance and cost.


The Ten K DUO beats yesterday’s solar arrays in every performance metric, including cost of energy, energy density, reliability, and safety.

No Roof Penetrations


Low Ballast


3D Strength Profile


Sheltered Inverters


No Wasted Space


Better Density

Two Ten K Modules are installed in tandem – facing back-to-back to maximize installed DC watts and energy yield per square foot. This is ideal for applications where maximum energy generation is required in limited space. Our shade tolerant design allows more PV modules to be packed into a limited space at a higher tilt angle.


The DUO takes full advantage of the performance gains of the Ten K Module. The wave format eliminates wasted space and provides an area with complete PV coverage. The DUO places the modules at a higher tilt angle than yesterday’s layouts, increasing efficiency during the peak summer months to help maximize energy production.

Low Weight

Wind forces acting upon a rooftop PV system can be divided into 2 categories. Pressure forces occurs when wind collides with the front or back of a module and is greatest at the edge of the array. Lift forces are best thought of in relation to an airplane wing. When wind flowing over an array is moving faster than the wind flowing under the array this results in lift due to pressure differences on each side.


The greater the difference in speeds, the greater the pressure difference and resulting lifting forces. The lifting forces occur throughout an array. Conventional PV systems oppose both of these forces by adding lots of ballast and roof penetrations.


DUO is smarter. The tall peak and structural integrity offered by coupling the module’s shear stiffness into the racking, via integrated frame extensions, allows pressure forces to be resisted by transferring them into the interior of the array, where the entire array can help resist them. The asymmetrical dual tilt greatly reduces lift by allowing the pressure to equalize from top to bottom through the large valley gap. Combined, these features dramatically reduce and can even eliminate ballast, allowing DUO to be used in many places where conventional systems are just too heavy.

Flexible Orientation & Lower Install Costs

Most buildings don’t face directly North-South, so the size of a solar array is sacrificed in favor of slightly better performance. Because the DUO offers complete PV coverage of a space, the performance of the system is virturally unaffected by system Azimuth. At 40° off Azimuth, production only sees a 0.2% decrease. This flexibility makes the DUO the ideal choice for any rooftop, not just the perfect ones.

The Ten K DUO and all Ten K modules have built-in attach points, reducing installation times and labor costs. Fixed installation costs are distributed across a higher energy generation capacity. The result is a more productive system that is cheaper to install that yesterday’s solar.


Sunmodule Plus solar panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus monocrystalline solar panels are available in both silver or black formats. These modules meet our stringent SolarWorld quality standards, exceeding all industry standards and certifications. They also carry our 25-year warranty to guarantee maximum performance through the lifetime of your system. Don’t just take our word for it, we have third party validation of our performance and reliability.

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25-year linear performance guarantee chart*

Linear performance guarantee from SolarWorld: Sunmodule Plus

SolarWorld 25-year performance guarantee

*In accordance with the applicable service certificate upon purchase + www.solarworld.com/warranty

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Advantages of Solar Energy

Why consume energy when you can generate energy? With a SolarWorld solar system, you can:

Reduce operation costs and save on electricity with a solar system for your business Save money now on your electric bill
Save money electric bill now with a solar system for your home Increase your home's value
Increase your home value with a solar system for your home Lock-in energy costs for years to come
Lock-in energy costs for years with a solar system for your home Decrease your carbon footprint

All by producing clean, cost-efficient energy harnessed by the sun.

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