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Q-Energy Referral Offer


Earn $500 Or More Just For Referring Relatives, Friends, Neighbors or Anyone You Know!

How It Works:

Anyone can make a referral to Q-Energy and get paid!
Maybe you rent and don't own commercial or residential property, no problem, you can still get paid!
You likely know people who would like to solar with NO Down Payment and No Out-Of-Pocket Expense!
We are committed to renewable energy, particularly solar because it's now so affordable.
Almost anyone who pays an electric bill and owns property can have solar installed  to offset, replace a monthly expense or possibly even turn a monthly expense into an annual check from their utility company.
Ask around, or strike up a conversation with a friend, when you find someone who is interested in learning more about solar energy (we promise we won't turn them against you because we won't use high pressure sales techniques on them)  and how they can pay for it from what they pay for electricity already.
Use the form to the right to provide us their name, phone number and/or email and we'll contact them to show them how much they can save by installing a Q-Energy Solar Energy System!
We thank you for helping us "Spread Sunshine" over homes and businesses throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and the Midwest!


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