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Why Would Anyone Go Solar? 

The reasons for going solar are many and varied depending on your world view.

However, once people truly understand what solar can do for them, their reasons become clear.

  • People are motivated to go solar by some of their deepest values. As human beings, each individual is to some degree consciously or unconsciously motivated by all of these values. 
  • Love for the planet motivates an environmentalists who is conscious of the grave threats of climate change.
  • Money for your pocket. Many solar buyers are financially motivated, but sometimes in different ways, such as the following:
  • Power for your home. Many people wish to have energy independence. They dislike the idea of being completely dependent on the utility grid, and dependent on the industry and infrastructure behind it.
  • Glory for your deeds. People want social recognition. Many of the people who go solar are the same ones that want the latest iPhone, upgrade their vehicles every couple years and vacation in the hottest resorts. They are the classic early adopters.

The ways to Go Solar are also varied.

You Could...

  • Own the system yourself with a cash purchase to get an instant return (no more monthly electricity payments) or choose a financing option that will make the payment to cover your loan installment for less than your current electric bill, nothing out of pocket!
  • Create a Power Purchase Agreement between yourself, a 3rd party and the utility
  • Start or Participate in a Community Solar Program in your area
  • Participate in a Utilities Solar Program (if available)
Understanding your best option takes some planning and preparation. Q-Energy will explain each of these options help you determine which is right for you to best meet your needs for the best possible price.  

You Now Have a Choice in Electrical Generation for Your Home and Business!

DEREGULATION began many years ago for both the Phone and Utility companies.

The Power Generation industry is now about where the phone companies were 20 years ago.

Most people do not yet understand they can generate electricity for themselves for far less than the cost than purchasing it from a utility. 

They NO LONGER have to be held hostage to ever increasing electricity costs year after year! 

Many still think to themselves it "sounds to good to be true" when they first learn that they can purchase solar for less than the cost they currently pay monthly now for electricity. As a bonus they can do so with no upfront cost or having another installment loan added to the budget.

Many think they cannot afford it... 

Solar is an Investment in Your  future!

We make changing your utility company as easy as changing your phone provider.

It still takes a little effort to change your phone carrier these days, but that wasn't even possible 30 or 40 years ago.

Now You Have a Choice in How You Power Your Home or Business! 

Q-Energy Inc can handle all the hassle of changing your energy provider to becoming YOU!

We are giving you a choice in how you power your home and literally putting the power back in your hands, no we are not revolting against the power companies, the "Grid" is important. We just are giving you the choice in who powers your home or business.

So Are You Going To Generate It For Yourself... (and stop paying for electricity) or Continue to Pay The Utility Company... FOREVER! 

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