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  • You Now Have a Choice in Where You Buy Electricity!
  • Anyone Can Now Go Solar... it Doesn't Just Mean Putting Panels on Your Roof Anymore!
  • Solar Has Changed in Recent Years With Improved Technology and Lower Cost! 
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The first step is simple! Provide us your name, address and what spend for electricity in an average month and we will get you a quote, free, fast and no obligation to purchase.
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Next we visit your property to visually inspect all the details that could affect the design of your system. Then our design engineers will create and determine the best system that will meet your needs for decades to come!

We Install

We take care of all the installation details. From completing all the paperwork necessary for a professional install, to getting you all the incentives possible. We're here to support you until your system to goes live and even beyond with our 24/7 Monitoring Services.  

Our Services

Residential Solar

Electrical Rates Rise Every Year! Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill! You Now Have the Option to Generate Your Own Power! Learn More...

Agriculture & Commercial Solar

Businesses of all types and sizes are discovering how going solar adds to the bottom line while showing their customers they care about our environment! Learn More...

Wind Energy

Every Property is Different. Wind Energy May Be an Option for You! Learn More...

More Information

Why Go Solar

Businesses of all sizes are discovering how going solar adds to the bottom line while showing their customers they care about our environment! Why Go Solar? Have Questions Solar Q&A 

Solar Resources

We have compiled for you 3rd party website to help you verify the information we provide as accurate and up-to-date as possible and from reliable sources. More Solar Resources

More About Wind Energy

In our home state of Iowa we are 2nd in the nation in wind energy production. Tom Sims, our owner was involved with the installation of nearly 1800 turbines around the US. We now focus on helping maintain them. Learn More...

Solar Energy Costs Have Dropped About 70% in the Past Several Years!

Q-Energy is Solar Energy - The Best In Electrical Power Generation!

Go Off Grid With Storage Options Available!

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To Schedule a visit with one of our Solar Advisors Click Here for Available TimesWe are not here to "sell you" a solar energy system.
We are an Installation company that cares about providing you the best possible solution for your home or business. We want educate you on the best ways to put all the pieces together for you, not an "out of the box" solution that may or may not meet your needs. 
What's the Cost or the available rebates from my utility company. What are the tax advantages and return on my investment?
A famous movie once coined the term "show me the money"... When it comes to solar, often the reactions we get when "showing people the money" follows another famous saying, "if it sounds to good to be true... then it probably is" 
All we want to do is share the good news!
Times have changed when it comes to producing solar energy and all we are asking for is the opportunity to provide you the information you need to understand how it can work for you!
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We're Looking For Partners to Help Spread the Word About Solar Energy!

Contractors, Roofing Companies, HVAC Contractors... Does Your Business Have Customers?

If you'd like to help your customers save money and help them invest in their future energy independence... Then just spread a little sunshine with solar energy!

If you partner with us our friendly solar advisor will contact your customers and first thank them for doing business with you and because they are your valuable customer, we'll tell them you wanted them to have the opportunity to learn more about solar energy. No High Pressure, we'll only be providing them a Free estimate for their property and discussing their options. 

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  • At Q-Energy the “Q” stands for Quintessence! and means “the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class”… which is how we approach earning your business, by giving our best every day for our customers. 
  • By applying “Quintessence” to solar energy production we define it to mean that the energy produced from the sun is the “most perfect example” of the best, most cost efficient way to produce electricity available today! 
  • At Q-Energy we work hard to bring together the best in quality products and people who care about the work they do. Our daily goal is to provide “best in the industry” support every step of the way for every customer! 

We put our name on everything we do and hold everyone who works with us to our higher standards!

From our solar advisers to our installation crews, every person involved cares about putting forth their best effort daily, we require that of everyone who represents our company at every level.Tom Sims​ Owner


Solar Electric Supply

Solar Supply I've sent you a app for Solar Electric Supply. Fill in the missing numbers, add the copy of the contractor lic, and ship it off. I call you shortly after 8.
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  • Find Satisfaction in Helping Improve Lives and the Planet!
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