q-energy-solar-energy-logoThere are many great reasons to install a photovoltaic solar energy generation system in your home, here are just a few.

  • Generate your own electricity - pay for the system by switching who you pay
  • You pay for the solar energy system using what you have been paying to the utility company
  • A GREAT return on investment! Payments for electricity end once your system paid off, the more you pay for electricity now, the faster the pay off!
  • A solar energy system adds to your property value without adding any tax liability.
  • Home based solar power is a quiet, nearly maintenance free, continuous source of electricity.
  • Solar electric systems reduce pollution and CO2 emissions by generating electrical power using radiant sun light that can replace electricity that comes from coal fired electrical plants.
  • Many states now offer $0 down $0 out-of-pocket expense solar installation plans that immediately lower your electric bill and cost nothing to install or maintain. Q-Energy is excited to be one of the first in the Midwest to offer such a program

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We make solar energy attainable for most every home owner.


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  • $0 money down

  • No Out Of Pocket Costs

  • Easy Qualification Process

  • Quicker Return On Investment

  • Solar OWNERSHIP Program - Not a lease

  • Keep Paying The Electric Bill Forever OR Generate Your Own Power From The Sun! 

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Solar Energy Incentives vary by state, utility, where you live and other factors.

Q-Energy will work to get you every dollar available to you to help pay for your solar panel installation!


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