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Tom Sims Q-ENERGY CEO on a windmill

Tom Sims: CEO and Director of Field Operations

Tom Sims as a Field Engineer and Journeyman Millwright of Local 548, St. Paul, MN, is knowledgeable about what he does. Through the years he has been involved in the construction of 17 coal-fired power plants, some 200 gas driven power producing generating stations, and about 1,800 Wind Turbines.

He has the commitment to develop this business to be THE Industry Leader In All Things Solar. As a former Field Service Engineer, for General Electric, Siemens Power Division, and several other International Corporations.

 Tom has over 35 years of construction management, installation, dismantling, service. Troubleshooting experience is at the top of the qualifications listed.

This includes Command & Control, Electrical and Mechanical installation, code/regulation compliance, and repair of most of the world's power generation equipment.

He has completed the required OSHA 500/501 training he is qualified as an OSHA certified instructor, for  Title 29 CFR Parts 1910 and 1926 Standards. Included are OSHA 10, 30, Millwright 16/OSHA Safety Training, Construction Equipment Trainer, Climb Safety/Tower Rescue.

The responsibility  for Safety, Safety Training, and enforcement are under his management with Q-ENERGY.

Contact Tom by email tom.sims@qenergyonline.com

Phone: 515-208-4512

Rick Hesse

Rick Hesse: Operations Manager

brings 35+ years' experience with operations and business development to Q-Energy. He has Q-Energy's fiscal and HR responsibilities,  as well as marketing, daily logistics and company back office duties.  Again he also is committed to becoming an expert on the subject of Renewable Energy services and the administrative functions to ensure a smooth operation.

Contact Rick by email rick.hesse@qenergyonline.com

Phone: 641-430-7718



Lee Roy Whaley: Sales VP

Lee Roy brings 20+ years of direct and indirect sales with over 75 solar systems sold and installed with access to many technical sales origination's thought-out the United States.

Contact Lee Roy by email leeroy@qenergyonline.com

Phone: 641-530-9141

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